Friday, November 27, 2015

Who we are


Kwinana Christian School exists to equip children of Kwinana to live a life of abundance and influence, through a broad educational approach and a growing knowlege of and relationship with Jesus Christ.


KCS has at its basis four key principles that underpin both its strategic directions and its operations:

Connect | Transform | Empower | Equip

These terms are not simply words - they represent and support the vision and values of our school and the hope that we have for the students that we are entrusted to  support, teach and guide:


Life was never meant to be lived alone - we were created to be in relationship with others - the degree to which we are able to take hold of opportunities in life is likely to  be strongly linked to our ability to relate to others. KCS seeks to assist children to develop relational skills that enable them to participate and collaborate with others -  students, staff, teachers, community members. Our hope is that many will develop friendships with a number of other children, staff and volunteers that will remain in  place for many years after they leave school. As a Christian school we also value the opportunity to assist children in growing in the awareness of God; learning through  their relationship with him how he is able to positively support them in every part of their lives.


True learning is not about knowledge - it is not what a person can remember - it is how a person grows through applying what they have learnt. Transformation comes  through learning new understandings; recognizing new perspectives, developing new skills. KCS seeks to assist students grow through a range of activities and  experiences so that they may be people who positively influence the people and communities in which they live. It is one thing for our students to have dreams and  hopes; it is another thing for them to see their hopes and dreams realized. KCS seeks to assist students in learning of new skills and understandings needed to see their hopes realized. Importantly, KCS will also assist students to learn how to learn - to learn how to apply their understandings and skills in new contexts, and to have the  skills to be active learners; people who take the initiative and responsibility to continue to learn and grow throughout their adult lives.


It’s one thing for KCS students to have dreams and hopes; it’s another thing for them to see their hopes and dreams realised.

KCS seeks to assist students in learning the new skills and understandings they will need to see their hopes realised. Importantly, KCS assists students learn, how to apply what their understandings and skills are in new contexts, and to have the skills to be active learners – people who take the initiative and responsibility to continue to learn and grow throughout their adult lives.


We believe that children have the capacity to do extraordinary things whilst they are young - we believe that children can make a positive and important contribution to  those around them today and tomorrow. KCS seeks to provide opportunities for students to take on new challenges, to participate in activities that are not simply about  learning, but applying their skills to real-life issues and opportunities.

KCS Facilities

PHC and KCS are committed to providing our students with the practical and quality facilities to support the educational program. This is of course an ongoing commitment which will unfold into the future as the school grows.

Current facilities at KCS include:

  • Modern, air-conditioned classrooms
  • Separate Early Childhood classroom block
  • Interactive projectors (upper-primary classrooms)
  • Optical Fibre Network providing Intranet and Internet access
  • A multi-purpose wet are room for Art, Science, T&E
  • KCS Discovery Centre which includes – the library, I.T lab, multi-media facilities
  • Access to a large auditorium with full AV and multi-media equipment
  • Multiple playground structures
  • Suitable grassed area for games and activities
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